Protected Steroids for BodyBuilding: Most secure Steroids for Muscle Progress and Fats Loss | Ask The Consultants

Protected Steroids for BodyBuilding: Most secure Steroids for Muscle Progress and Fats Loss | Ask The Consultants


That are the most secure bodybuilding steroids? It is a query many bodybuilders ask. The query is particularly widespread amongst people who find themselves new to bodybuilding and hoping to get massive muscle features or lower fats in report time.

The reality is not one of the steroids bodybuilders use are 100% protected. There are at all times dangers concerned.

Sure steroids are much less harmful than others however the most secure plan of action is to not use bodybuilding steroids in any respect. There are some glorious pure steroid alternate options you can use as a substitute.

The three Most secure Bodybuilding Steroids are:

  1. Testosterone (Testo Max)

  2. Anavar (Anvarol)

  3. Deca Durabolin (DecaDuro)

The above 3 protected steroids are classed as authorized steroids – they will produce comparable outcomes to their anabolic steroid counterpart however with out risking your well being.

There are stacking choices obtainable to assist enhance outcomes exponentially. For instance combining Testo Max and Decaduro and Dianabol creates a BULKING STACK – to construct muscle quick.

Though we’re beginning this text on considerably of a damaging notice, we aren’t anti-steroid. Something however.

Some anabolic steroids could be extraordinarily helpful for treating sure illnesses, similar to osteoporosis and muscle wastage resulting from sickness or extended durations of inactivity following accidents or surgical procedures.

There are additionally authorized steroid alternate options that may mimic the impact of anabolic androgenic steroids with the danger of any facet impact in any respect.

There should be dangers concerned however the probabilities of hurt are much less when steroids are getting used underneath strict medical supervision.

The steroids many bodybuilders use for enhancing efficiency and boosting muscle progress are sometimes attained through the black market. There isn’t any method to make sure in regards to the high quality and there’s a good likelihood they’re the product of underground labs.

Even when bodybuilders handle to achieve high-quality anabolic steroids sourced covertly from pharmaceutical firms, utilizing them for bodybuilding is illegitimate. It is a follow that may safe a swift competitors ban as properly.

Bodybuilders who use steroids have a tendency to make use of larger doses than those that are receiving steroids as a medical remedy. Using larger doses significantly will increase the possibility of negative effects. As does stacking ‒ a follow that entails utilizing two or extra steroids collectively.

Nonetheless, as we already acknowledged, some steroids are safer than others.

Most secure Steroids: 3 Protected Steroids to Use in Bodybuilding

Listed here are the three most secure anabolic steroids to make use of in bodybuilding for muscle progress and fats loss. Testosterone, Anavar and Deca Durabolin could be stacked collectively. These protected steroids can be utilized in a bulking stack or a reducing cycle.

Testosterone – Most secure Steroid to Improve Testosterone Ranges

Testosterone is a steroid produced within the physique. It is also an androgen intercourse hormone. Functioning as a steroid, it will increase muscle mass and bone density. In its function as an androgen, testosterone gives males with male traits similar to deep voices and facial hair.

Authorized Testosterone Complement

Testo Max is a authorized steroid various that may increase low testosterone ranges and enhance energy and muscle features


Testosterone additionally advantages the physique in quite a few extra methods. Amongst different issues, it will increase power, promotes wholesome cognitive perform, and assists fats burning.

Sadly, testosterone ranges decline with age. Different elements, similar to way of life selections and illness may also decrease testosterone.

A method or one other, low testosterone (hypogonadism) is a standard downside that impacts many males. Signs can embody fatigue, lack of muscle mass, low libido, and erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone injections are an FDA-approved remedy for hypogonadism. Though the necessity for testosterone injections could also be solely momentary in some circumstances, many males who require testosterone substitute remedy (TRT) might want to proceed the remedy for the remainder of their lives.

TRT is the very best instance of the way in which testosterone injections can change life for the higher. Nevertheless, that you must bear in mind the testosterone the injections present is artificial. It really works properly as an alternative to “the actual factor” however isn’t an ideal match.

Given its means to assist muscle progress, enhance power, and help fats burning, it is not shocking Testosterone is such a well-liked bodybuilding steroid.

Though it is usually included in reducing stacks, testosterone affords essentially the most worth as a bulking steroid. It is superb for delivering enhancements in muscle dimension and energy.

When injected accurately, testosterone is definitely one of many most secure steroids.

Nevertheless, if it is not injected accurately, as with all steroid or medicine, it may be very harmful.

Testosterone Aspect Results

Though testosterone is likely one of the most secure steroids to make use of in bodybuilding, it nonetheless presents dangers. Even when used underneath medical supervision for TRT, it could actually trigger prostate issues and different undesirable points.

Because of this, TRT is seldom provided to males who’ve present prostate issues or sure sorts of most cancers. [1]

Throughout TRT, males receiving testosterone injections are monitored for negative effects similar to cardiac and hepatic dysfunction.

Bodybuilders utilizing testosterone do not have this medical security web to fall again on. So, though the remedy could also be comparable, utilizing testosterone for bodybuilding isn’t going to be as protected as utilizing it for TRT.

To make issues worse, many bodybuilders are utilizing testosterone at a lot larger doses than docs would ship throughout TRT.

Disruptions in Blood Stress and Ldl cholesterol

Testosterone steroid injections usually enhance blood strain. That locations further pressure on the guts. They will additionally trigger fluctuations in HDL ldl cholesterol (good ldl cholesterol) ranges.

Thankfully, testosterone injections don’t enhance LDL ldl cholesterol (dangerous ldl cholesterol) however the truth that they decrease the useful type is lower than ideally suited.

The blood strain will increase and ldl cholesterol fluctuations are typically milder than these brought on by different anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, if you have already got blood strain or ldl cholesterol points, you might need to assume twice about utilizing testosterone as a bodybuilding steroid.

Most bodybuilders who’re utilizing reasonable to excessive doses of testosterone will expertise blood strain will increase.

The severity will largely rely upon the doses concerned and the testosterone cycle length. That is true for LDL ldl cholesterol as properly. 

Estrogenic Aspect Results

Bodybuilders contemplating rising their muscle mass with testosterone steroid injections must be conscious there might be points with water retention.

Utilizing this steroid may also lead to gynecomastia (man boobs). These negative effects are resulting from testosterone’s estrogenic nature.

To place it in easier phrases, when males inject exogenous testosterone, their our bodies convert a few of it to estrogen (feminine intercourse hormone).

Thankfully, it is doable to counteract the estrogenic capabilities of testosterone injections.

One approach to cease it’s to make use of a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator).

SERMs are chemical-based compounds that bind with estrogen receptors. After it binds with the SERM, estrogen can’t bind with estrogen receptors within the physique and is not obtainable to make use of. [2]

The scenario with estrogen and SERMs is much like the way in which SHBG (intercourse hormone binding globulin binds with testosterone, stopping it from binding with the androgen receptors within the muscle cells.

Tamoxifen and clomiphene are the 2 SERMs mostly utilized in bodybuilding. Nevertheless, though they will resolve one downside, SERMs have the potential to trigger negative effects too.

The opposite method male bodybuilders can deal with estrogenic negative effects is by utilizing an aromatase inhibitor, similar to Arimidex or Anastrozole.

Aromatase inhibitors work by interfering with the physique’s means to transform testosterone and comparable androgen hormones into estrogen and by suppressing aromatase exercise. [3]

Androgenic Aspect Results

Utilizing exogenous testosterone can current androgenic negative effects as properly. A few of them, similar to zits and hair loss, might primarily hurt vanity. Nevertheless, prostate enlargement can be a possible androgenic facet impact of testosterone injections.

When the prostate gland turns into enlarged it could actually make it tough to urinate. On the different finish of the size, it could actually additionally make that you must pee extra usually and make it tough to carry your water.

The steroid Dianabol was created after its inventor, Dr. Ziegler, seen the soviet strongmen utilizing testosterone usually grew to become reliant on urinary catheters.

Dianabol, often known as dbol is much less androgenic than testosterone. It is also extra anabolic. Sounds nice, does not it? Sadly, Dianabol poses a higher danger of estrogenic negative effects than testosterone does.

Utilizing Dianabol as a substitute of testosterone is extra more likely to trigger hypertension and coronary heart issues. It is also extra liver poisonous. Sleep issues and nervous breakdowns are doable negative effects as properly.

So, though Dianabol is best than testosterone in sure methods, general testosterone is the most secure steroid to make use of.

Pure Testosterone Suppression

In widespread with all the opposite bodybuilding steroids, if you inject testosterone, it suppresses your physique’s means to provide “endogenous” testosterone.

Once you cease taking the injections, your testosterone degree might be extraordinarily low and will stay so for a number of months.

Left untreated, this low-testosterone state will lead to lethargy, speedy lack of muscle mass, psychological fog, and plenty of different undesirable points.

Because of this, it is vitally essential to comply with your steroid cycle with a PCT (post-cycle remedy). This can scale back the size of the restoration interval and assist you keep away from shedding your muscle mass in report time.

A typical PCT consists of a number of medication. Some bodybuilders use dietary supplements as properly.

Clomid, Nolvadex, and/or HCG are well-liked selections. Nevertheless, along with presenting further expense, there’s a risk they could trigger negative effects as properly.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) – Most secure Steroids for Slicing / Fats Loss

Anavar is a model of Oxandrolone. It is a well-liked bodybuilding steroid that is taken orally.

Protected Anavar Pure Dietary supplements

Anvarol is a pure steroid various – it’s utilized in reducing cycles and helps bodybuilders and athletes scale back physique fats and retain lean muscle mass. It is a perfect pure complement for weight reduction and muscle constructing.


Anavar is extra generally used for reducing than it’s for bulking as a result of it enhances fats loss whereas additionally encouraging lean muscle features. 

Though it is not the one anabolic steroid that burns fats and builds muscle concurrently, it is the most effective choices.

Anavar can be one of many most secure bodybuilding steroids. Once more although, we should stress we aren’t saying this steroid is protected. Solely mentioning is much less dangerous than most different choices.

It is no good anticipating excessive features throughout an Anavar cycle. That is not going to occur. Nevertheless, muscle features of 10-15 kilos are fairly widespread.

Though utilizing Anavar for bodybuilding is illegitimate, it is an FDA-approved remedy for sure medical circumstances. Docs usually use it to deal with bone ache resulting from osteoporosis. Additionally they use it to encourage weight acquire after infections or surgical procedure.

Attributable to it being milder than most different anabolic steroids, Anavar is typically prescribed to ladies and kids. It is thought-about a safer steroid to make use of as a result of it is gentler on the system and fewer more likely to pose a danger of masculinization

Some bodybuilders name Anavar the “the woman steroid” as a result of it is the most secure feminine bodybuilding steroid (in low to reasonable doses).

Ladies who take any of the tougher anabolic steroids run the danger of creating male traits. They might additionally discover their breasts grow to be smaller whereas their clitorises grow to be unusually giant.

Anavar Aspect Results

As we identified earlier, though Anavar is likely one of the most secure steroids to make use of for bodybuilding, it’s not 100% protected. Removed from it, in truth. As with all oral steroids, it may be particularly arduous on the liver.

This may increasingly sound too excessive for a steroid that’s typically prescribed to youngsters. Nevertheless, when youngsters use Anavar, they achieve this underneath medical supervision. Bodybuilders who use it typically should go it alone.

Liver Toxicity

Oral steroids are dangerous for liver well being as a result of they’re c-17 alpha alkylated. Which means the liver has to course of them earlier than they will enter the bloodstream.

Nevertheless, though it might be silly to contemplate it liver-friendly, Anavar is safer for the liver than any of the opposite bodybuilding steroids.

Researchers have but to find why that is so however there’s hypothesis that the kidneys might soar in on the motion and reduce the pressure.

Ldl cholesterol Ranges

Anavar alters levels of cholesterol for the more severe nevertheless it’s not one of many prime offenders. Though it’s worse for this than testosterone is, Anavar seems to have a much less dramatic impact on levels of cholesterol than different anabolic steroids do.

The extent Anavar impacts ldl cholesterol is dose-dependent. Taking extra will increase the dangers. As does working longer cycles.

Virilization (In Ladies)

We have already talked about Anavar’s repute for being the woman steroid. Nevertheless, though it could be safer than among the different bodybuilding steroids on this regard, the danger of virilization remains to be there.

Once more, the dangers of this taking place enhance comparable to the dose.

Ladies contemplating taking greater than 10 mg of Anavar per day, have to assume twice. In the event that they want to defend their femininity, 10 mg per day is absolutely the higher restrict. It is also unwise for ladies to run Anavar in cycles that last more than six weeks.

Suppression of Testosterone Manufacturing

Anavar is an anabolic steroid. As quickly because it hits your system, anabolic steroids start taking on the function of testosterone. Which means, girl-friendly or not, Anavar will disrupt your regular means to provide testosterone.

Admittedly, the extent of testosterone suppression is not going to be as nice as with different steroids. Anavar doesn’t utterly shut issues down. It solely throws a spanner into the works.

Nevertheless, if you wish to preserve your features, you’ll nonetheless have to comply with an Anavar cycle with an applicable PCT.

Deca Durabolin – Most secure Steroids for Muscle Progress

Deca Durabolin is the most well-liked model of the steroid Nandrolone. Like testosterone and Anavar, it is an FDA-approved remedy for sure medical circumstances.

Protected Deca Steroid Alternate options

Decadura dietary supplements are pure steroids that may assist bodybuilders acquire muscle safely. High quality muscle features, elevated energy and endurance, quick restoration, joint ache aid, bulking and reducing.


Along with being helpful for treating osteoporosis and muscle losing illnesses, Deca Durabolin can be good for treating anemia.

Many bodybuilders who use Deca Durabolin achieve this resulting from its repute for being milder than most anabolic steroids. It has an equally good standing for its means to provide notable will increase in muscle dimension and energy.

Like testosterone, Deca Durabolin is a potent anabolic agent. Nevertheless, its estrogen and androgenic properties are much less notable.

As is mostly the case with anabolic steroids, there have been no investigations into the worth of Deca Durabolin for bodybuilding. Nevertheless, there’s loads of analysis that proves its means to enhance muscle mass.

The outcomes of 1 16-week research, involving HIV-positive males, present the steroid produced important will increase in lean physique mass. Moreover, not one of the topics skilled any toxicity points. [4]

Deca Durabolin additionally has a repute for being one of the vital heart-friendly steroids. Though it reduces HDL ldl cholesterol (good ldl cholesterol) ranges, it is just barely worse for this than testosterone.

Attributable to its weak androgenic talents, Deca Durabolin is unlikely to trigger male sample baldness, greasy pores and skin, and zits. The chance of prostate enlargement can be far decrease than that offered by most different bodybuilding steroids.

Deca Durabolin Aspect Results

Though Deca Durabolin is broadly accepted as being safer than most anabolic steroids used for bodybuilding, it nonetheless has the potential to trigger well being points.

One of many essential Deca Durabolin negative effects is erectile dysfunction. It is so widespread that bodybuilders have a particular title for it. They name it Deca Dick.

It is possible that Deca Dick comes about because of the steroids means to ship important will increase in prolactin.

Like testosterone, prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Throughout being pregnant, it is the hormone that causes ladies’s breasts to grow to be bigger and start producing milk.

Males produce prolactin too, as do some ladies who will not be pregnant. It is not clear why that is so, however can typically be the results of tumors.

Along with inflicting males to expertise ED, prolactin might also trigger them to start lactating however this sort of response to steroids could be very unusual. [5]

Deca Durabolin’s low androgenicity might additional contribute to ED. Bodybuilders who use it could actually expertise much less nitric oxide manufacturing. This may impair blood move to the penis, making it harder for males to achieve or retain an erection.

Some males attempt to keep away from the dreaded Deca Dick by stacking Deca Durabolin with testosterone and/or different androgenic steroids. This may increasingly assist in some circumstances however there are not any ensures.

May Trigger Testosterone Suppression

We in all probability need not let you know Deca Durabolin suppresses pure testosterone manufacturing inside the physique. It is not the worst steroid for doing this nevertheless it suppresses testosterone ranges by a major proportion.

Analysis reveals doses of 100 mg per week can suppress testosterone by greater than 50%. Doses of 300 mg per week scale back it by 70%. Many bodybuilders who use this steroid are taking significantly extra.

Taking artificial testosterone is not going to trigger this challenge. It’s going to assist the physique’s pure manufacturing.

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Most secure Steroids for Bodybuilders – Abstract

Bodybuilding steroids could be good for rising muscle mass and enhancing physique composition. There isn’t any doubting their worth as a method of accomplishing sooner muscle progress. 

Nevertheless, steroids additionally current many risks. Though some choices are safer than others, not one of the bodybuilding steroids are 100% protected.

There are authorized steroid alternate options obtainable that work extraordinarily properly. These are thought-about to be the most secure steroids for bodybuilding. The premier steroid alternate options can enhance muscle features, enhance pure testosterone manufacturing and likewise scale back physique fats. 

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